The officials for the 2016 rally are: -

MSA Steward


Club Stewards

Graham Samuel

Rally Manager

Peter Wood

Clerk of the Course

Simon Marks ( )

Deputy Clerk of the Course 

Duncan Edwards

Secretary of the meeting

Tony Phillips ( )

Chief Marshal

Peter Wood ( )

Deputy Chief Marshals

Ian Greenwood
Darren Pike

Safety Officer

Mike Hurst ( )

Chief Medical Officer


Service Area Safety Officer

Peter Cox

MSA Chief Scrutineer

Mike Madden

MSA Environmental Scrutineer

David Barnes

MSA MN Eligibility Scrutineer

Paul Hewer

MSA Timekeeper

Gary Nicholls

Competitor Liaison Officer

Mike Cawthra

Child Protection Officer

Paul Duckmanton


MCS Rally Services

Radio Controller

Brian Catt ( )

Media Liaison (RS & RSS)

Andrew Williamson

Media Contact

Sarah Thomson ( )

Event Website

Andy Cadle ( )

Official Video

Ian Maddison, Mad Videos ( )

Official Photographers

Andrew Manston -