The Rockingham Stages offers spectators the chance to see rallying in the unique setting of a modern racing circuit with all it's facilities for spectators.Grandstand 1

The entry charge is 12.00 per person per day in advance or 16.00 per day at the gate. Children 15 & Under Free Admission.

The spectator viewing areas will be the main grandstand and the roof of the pit garages in the centre of the circuit.

Please do not attempt to gain access to the stage.

The first car will start Stage 1 at 11:30 on Saturday. Cars will complete 6 stages (including two stages in the dark). The start on Sunday is 09:00.

Competitors will start each stage at 30 second intervals and each stage will take around 60 minutes to run all the cars through, including a gap between the two events each day. The last competitors should finish the last stage of the day around 18:00 on Saturday & 16:00 on Sunday.

There will be 12 stages in total with 6 distinct stage layouts. Each competitor will run through each stage layout twice. Their second runs will start a few minutes after completion of the last competitors first run. Click here to see a sample stage layout.

Cars will compete in one of 9 classes:-

Class 0 - 2wd cars up to 1000cc
Class 1 - 2wd cars of between 1001cc & 1400cc
Class 2 - 2wd cars of between 1401cc & 1600cc
Class 3 - 2wd cars of between 1601cc & 2000cc
Class 4 - all 2wd cars of 2001cc or above 
Class 5 - all 4wd cars

Vehicles with rotary engines or engines having forced induction will be considered as having a capacity increase of 70% to determine their class.

As the service area is located behind the main grandstand the road behind the grandstand is also being used by competitors for stage access, please use caution in this area.

Hot food and drink will be available at the venue.

For more information on Rockingham Motor Speedway, including travel directions, please visit the Rockingham website.


Previous Winners


William Hill / Richard Crozier

Ford Fiesta R5


Rhys Yates / Tom Woodburn (Rockingham Stages)
Andrew Fenwick / Daniel May (Rockingham Sunday Stages)

Ford Fiesta R5
Proton S2000


David Tinn / Giles Dykes (Rockingham Stages)
James Yates / Tom Woodburn
(Rockingham Sunday Stages)

Mem Proton Satria Neo
Ford Fiests R5 


David Tinn / Marc Fowler (Rockingham Stages)
Mark Japer / Don Whyatt (Rockingham Sunday Stages)
Alex Mills / Ian Pepper (Rockingham Junior Stages)

Mem Proton Satria Neo
Ford Escort Mk2 
Nissan Micra


Paul King / Fiona Scarlet (Rockingham Stages)
Tony Clements / Dave Town (Rockingham Sunday Stages)
Alex Mills / Ian Pepper (Rockingham Junior Stages)

Ford Escort RS
Mitsubishi Evo 6
Nissan Micra


Paul King / Alicia Miles (Rockingham Stages)
David Tinn / Alice Tinn (Rockingham Sunday Stages)

Ford Escort RS
Ford Escort


Peter Rayner / Aron Rayner

Ford Escort MkII


Tony Racey / Paul Heath

Subaru Impreza


Steve Simpson / Simon Hunter

Hyundai Accent WRC


Steve Simpson / Simon Hunter

Hyundai Accent WRC


Steve Simpson / Simon Hunter

Hyundai Accent WRC


Steve Simpson / Simon Hunter

Hyundai Accent WRC


Steve Simpson / Mark Booth

Hyundai Accent WRC


John Stone / Lee Carter

MG Metro 6R004